Tatas For Teabags 

is a collection of breast and woman's form-themed art on a mission to bring awareness to testicular cancer, and help support survivors and their families in times of need. 

50% of the profits from this collection are donated to testicular cancer nonprofit organizations. 

See the art here 👉 👀

You will find proof of donations, and links to the non-profits that have been donated to in the section below!

-Each week, 5 new artworks are added to the collection to be  auctioned off! 

- The reserve for the auctions is set at 2 $AVAX.  Check $AVAX price HERE

- The auctions end at 9pm Est, every Friday.

- Artworks that remain unsold at the conclusion of the auction are relisted with a BUY  NOW price of 4 $AVAX, with no expiration.

Each week, a donation is made to the chosen non-profit.

"Tatas For Teabags" auctions EVERY Friday! 

If you are a Non-Profit for cancer support and want to apply to receive a donation, please click here 👉🎁


a donation in the amount of $50.00

was donated to

Visit the website by clicking the link above.