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Hope's Genesis Voyage 

This is the first part of a very grand adventure floating around in my head! 

Hope suddenly finds herself yanked from her bed, and plopped down in a strange place.

Nothing looks familiar. EVERYTHING looks wrong.

How did she get there? Where is she? How will she get home?

Hope must overcome her fear, use her intellect, and be willing to think outside of the box in order to answer these questions and find her way back home.

Hope is about to discover that everything she knows, isn't everything she knows. 

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Sometimes, when you stare into the void, things stare back. This artwork is a representation of bravery to face unknown challenges and obstacles.


Scouts are always prepared! Scout loves to be helpful! Scout loves you!

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"Get tips, techniques, and insights to save you time and money, manage that overwhelming task list, bring out your inner Picasso, and play that guitar lick that wows your friends. Or maybe your thing is being a DIY "maker" or putting a sledge hammer through the wall to start your kitchen renovation or finding that perfect gift for your you know who. We can help."