Who is Mel Hearts?!

Mel Hearts, a published author, photographer, and creative polymath, hails from Seattle but was raised in New York and now resides in the North Carolina mountains with her husband, a pack of dogs, and a flock of birds.

 Mel has had a diverse career, including being a Certified Nurse's Aide, an interior painter, and a Tattoo artist. Although physically disabled, Mel has turned to digital art and has embraced all it has to offer.

 Mel turned to digital art while recovering from a spinal fusion surgery in 2017.  

She discovered that there were MANY tools available to combat the physical effects of Fibromyalgia and neuropathy. The more Mel learned, the more her passion for creating was reignited, and she has not slowed down since! 


 Mel Hearts has had artwork displayed in the following locations/events and more! 

- Poble Espanyol, the charming open-air museum at the foot of Montjuïc in Barcelona, Spain. 

- She NFT Netherlands Exhibition Cupola XS, Haarlem, the Netherlands

- 2022 (and upcoming 2023) Women In Tech showcase in Spatial.io 

- 2022 Polygon Showcase 

- Received a Certificate of Artistic Achievement from the Luxembourg Art Prize 2022

 Mel has helped to design and decorate several metaverses, along with a logo for an annual music and lifestyle festival! 

 Mel has written and published a book, “Hope’s Genesis Voyage” which can be found on Amazon in your choice of a kindle, paperback, or hardcover.

 Mel has several virtual galleries where lovers of her art can enjoy an immersive virtual experience of the different art forms that flow tirelessly from Mel’s vibrant imagination. 

As a lifetime learner, Mel’s current goal is to gain the skills needed to turn her art, and her books into something that anyone can step inside of and explore!  

 "My goal as an artist is to use my work to promote love, joy, and unity. I am passionate about using various forms of art to connect with people and bring them together. My art serves as a source of happiness, providing small moments of joy for those who experience it."